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Customer Price List 2021 Canadian Dollars

CAN. Price

B-24 Four band 20,15,10, 6meters 2 element antenna ----------$399.95

B-26 Six band 20,17,15,10, 6meters 2 element antenna ------------------$499.95

B-246 Six band 40,20,17,15,10, 6meters 2 element --------------$949.95

R-246 Six band rotatable dipole, upgradeable to B-246 --------------------$499.95

MQ-1 Four band 20,15,10,6 meters 2 element antenna--------------------$593.95

MQ-1W Four band 20,17,12,6 meters 2 element antenna------------------$593.95

MQ-1W30 Warc Four band 30,17,10/12,6 meters 2 element antenna---$593.95

QCB-1  -CB Quad  11 meters 2 element antenna-----------------------------$269.95

MQ-1-CB Mono band   CB 11 meters 2 element antenna--------------------$329.95

MQ-24SR MQ-1 with enhanced reflector 2 element antenna----------------$632.95

MQ-34SR MQ-24SR with director 3 element antenna-------------------------$775.95

MQ-26 Five band 20,17,15,12,10meters 2 element antenna----------------$710.95

MQ-26SR MQ-26 with enhanced reflector 2 element antenna---------------$749.95

MQ-36SR MQ-26SR with director 3 element antenna-------------------------$944.95

------------------------------------------UPGRADE KITS----------------------------------

B-246-KT Upgrade R-246 to B246--------------------------------------------------$569.00

Note: Three band antennas cannot be upgraded to five band antennas.

MQ-24SR-KT Upgrade MQ-1 to MQ-24SR reflector kit ---------------------$174.95

MQ-34SR-DIR-KT Upgrade MQ-24SR to MQ-34SR ,MQ-1 to MQ-34

Director kit-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$229.95

MQ-34SR-KT Upgrade MQ-1 to MQ-34SR

Reflector + director kit----------------------------------------------------------------$333.95

MQ-26SR-KT Upgrade MQ-26 to MQ-26SR reflector kit-------------------$174.95

MQ-36SR-DIR-KT Upgrade MQ-26SR to MQ-36SR, MQ-26 to MQ-36

Director kit------------------------------------------------------------------------------$299.95

MQ-36SR-KT Upgrade MQ-26 to MQ-36SR

Reflector + director kit---------------------------------------------------------------$386.95



Note: Prices subject to change without notice. Taxes & Shipping Extra


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